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Hey ladies. I did end up relaxing my hair prior to the August deadline only because I will be moving and dealing with a lot of hectic things that... Show more

Here we are in July our last month in this NL to SL challenge. I hope you all are getting great results and helping each other out. Again I am so... Show more

So sorry for the very late response. Again I"m not receiving my email notifications. I agree with Izzy Boo about your hair, my hair is about the...

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My June hair photos. I have some slight thinness due to a weave i had in. I also have a lot of new growth. So I will maintain my hair regiment and... Show more

Photos are being loaded.
Sasha I also get a lot of shrinkage when my hair dries so I took the pic while it was still wet. 1 month ago

Ok ladies it is almost half way through June and I hope you all are having a happy hair journey. We are a good month and a half away from August and... Show more

Ok, so it's 3 days in June. I will be posting a pic of my growth so far. I didn't get a chance to post anything in May. So I will make up for it... Show more

Just giving an end of May update. Keep up with your hair regiment ladies. Please feel free to ask others for suggestions or advice. I myself posted... Show more

Let's make it fun and exciting. For the month of June try a new hair product that you've never tried but wanted to and see how your hair likes it... Show more

Hope all of you ladies are having fun on your hair journey and that you are seeing some growth. I'm very excited to see all of our progress at the... Show more

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Sorry ladies for just now responding to some old comments. The site has went down many times that I don't receive notifications and I get so caught... Show more

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So on top of doing my regular regiment I have also started to implement using ACV however the first night I used it I didn't like how it made my... Show more

Ok. I like that. A simple regiment. As much as I hate washing my hair almost all day I love pre-pooing. Not sure if you live in a humid or dry...

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