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Stephanie Discussion started by Stephanie 5 months ago
I don't want this challenge to be too restricting because it's supposed to be something that you can keep up with for next several months. I do want us to get the best length retention possible though!  This challenge starts May 10 but you have until the end of December to reach your goals. 

1. 2 direct heat passes per month- You don't have to use them every month but it's great to celebrate the length you already have or for a special occasion :)

2. Shampoo and condition regularly- I know everyone has that "perfect" wash and condition schedule which may be anywhere between every week to every other week to even once a month or so. If you don't use shampoo and prefer to co-wash then that is fine too. Just keep a close eye on scalp buildup if you are co-washing exclusively. A clean scalp is essential for proper scalp health and maximum hair growth.

3. Deep condition weekly to every 2 weeks. Make sure to balance moisture and protein.

4. Moisturize and seal daily or when needed.

5.  There are no specific requirements for protective styling but this is where a lot of your length retention will come from. If you choose not to protective style then consider styles with low manipulation. 

6. Optional- hair growth oil/serum and hair vitamins or supplements

7. Whether or not you're taking supplements, make sure to drink enough water daily. The recommendation is to drink half your weight in oz. Ex: if you weigh 120lbs then you would drink 60 oz of water. 
Happy Hair Growing :)
Jas All great suggestions. I need to up my water intake and make a schedule for exercising. Thank you! 5 months ago
Stephanie You're welcome . I'm glad they are helpful for you. They serve as good reminders for me as well haha 5 months ago
happywithnappy One day left ladies...I am so ready to start the challenge:.) Good luck everyone:.) 5 months ago
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