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Sasha Discussion started by Sasha 5 months ago
Saturday: Shampoo wash day
Pre-poo (condition my hair with a variety of conditioners) I usually use Suave or V05 because they are cheap conditioners and I can use a nice amount. I tend to pre-poo for 15-30 minutes.
Shampoo: Depending on the day or how my hair feels I will either use a protein based shampoo or a moisture based one. I currently switch between Garnier Whole Blends or Garnier Fructis coconut water for moisture. Mane n Tail for my protein base.
Deep condition: I use the same of the shampoos in the conditioners. I deep condition for 30minutes
Spray hair with a mix of aloe Vera juice and water. Let hair air dry
Add my hair potion and either style as normal.

Tuesday: Co-wash day
Pre-poo for about 15-30 minutes
Wash my hair with conditioner 
Deep condition for 30 minutes
Spray hair with aloe Vera juice and water. Let hair air dry
Use my hair potion

Notes: I do clarify my hair at least once every other week depending on if my hair feels as though I have a lot of build up. I also do a hard protein treatment once a month or usually a week after my relaxer. I also try and limit how much heat I use on my hair. So I will either flat iron once or not at all.

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